Friends of Jarrah Ridge Fuel Rewards Program

Earn points

Earn when you refuel at participating service stations
We value customer loyalty and your loyalty means a lot to us. So the more you refuel at participating service stations, the more points you earn with Jarrah Ridge.

How does it work?

  • You receive JR points when you refuel at participating service stations. Per litre of petrol/diesel purchase gives 1 JR point.
  • Your points can then be converted to JR$ at the conversion rate of 1 JR point to *JR$0.04.
    For example, if a customer refuels 50 litres of petrol/diesel at any of the participating service stations, he/she would have earned 50 JR points and this is converted to JR$2 for this transaction.
  • JR$ earned, utilised in the form of a voucher, can only be redeemed at Jarrah Ridge cellar door and be used towards any of your store purchase but excluding ‘Bin End Sales’.
  • At the end of each month, you may redeem for JR$ via completing the mandatory fields and uploading your fuel receipt HERE. Depending on your accumulated JR points, JR$ voucher will be issued out to you for your rewards redemption at our cellar door.
  • Each JR$ voucher has 6 months validity from the date of issue.
  • Total fuel purchase at our participating service stations is capped at 1,000 litres per month, except for members with special agreement in place.

Participating service stations are detailed as below:

  • Caltex Maddington Truckstop
    Cnr Kelvin Rd & Orchard Rd, Maddington, WA 6109
  • Vibe Spearwood
    333 Rockingham Rd, Spearwood, WA 6163
  • Vibe Yangebup
    109 Barrington St, Yangebup, WA 6164
  • Vibe Welshpool
    124 Welshpool Rd, Welshpool, WA 6106

  • Vibe Kwinana
    4 Ocean St, Kwinana Beach, WA 6167
  • Vibe Edgewater
    2 The Gateway, Edgewater, WA 6027
  • Vibe Subiaco
    123 Thomas St, Subiaco, WA 6008
  • Vibe Port Kennedy
    35 Blackburn Drive, Port Kennedy, WA 6172

Other Terms and Conditions

*For non Friends of Jarrah Ridge member, conversation rate is 1 JR point is equivalent to JR$0.02.

Jarrah Ridge reserves exclusive rights to update the conversation rate and terms of this Fuel Rewards Program from time to time.

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