Jarrah is found only on lateritic soils in south-west Western Australia and Jarrah wood is a unique Australian hardwood renowned for its versatility. Its natural properties include a high resistance to weather, rot, termites and even marine borers, making it valuable for a range of outdoors uses. Its density also makes it fire resistant. In the name of Jarrah Ridge is intended to make the Jarrah Ridge as another token of Western Australia, showing the world fine wines which are unique to Western Australia. Jarrah Ridge not only has fine old vines, the owners and winemakers have been adhering to the knowledge of winemaking and respect for the skills to explore innovation, along with scientific management and make the JR series, a series combine with its origin of history, soil, climate and sunshine and other unique charm.


The concept of Blossom series is originated from the flowering period of Jarrah trees. It represents the brilliant and glorious life, heralding the arrival of good luck and people’s yearning for a happy, wealth and nobility life.

The flowering of Jarrah heralds happiness and perfection! It is also a unique landscape in Western Australia. Start your day with a smile, and finish it with a bottle of Blossom series wine, a fruity Blossom Shiraz or a floral Blossom Chardonnay, enjoy the wine with delicacies, and feel the joy of harvest! Be grateful and thankful for what you have!


Where Expedition Begins

Making a great bottle of wine is akin to a sea expedition hunting for treasures. It requires great effort, experience and of course good luck. Yet, we have always made it happen and deliver our “treasures” to you.


ZIN Series

A special commemorative series launched by the owner back in 2009. ‘ZIN’ showcases beautifully crafted wines to be enjoyed in their youth, representing the vibrancy and purity of fruit from Western Australia. Wines that allow the fruit to shine ‘ZIN’ comprises varieties and blends that are designed and destined for early drinking.

“ZIN” series is popular in both Australia local and Asian market, not only by its quality but also the special translated name of “Cherish You”, which combines with the Oriental mysterious culture that expressing love implicitly. Cherish the moment you have and best wishes for a bright future! All the good things in life can be expressed through “ZIN Cherish You” series.

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